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Sh'Zen Nail Buffer Kit 10g

Sh'Zen Nail Buffer Kit 10g

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This manicure set keeps nails neat, glossy and strong. It smooths away ridges and discolouration, and gently buffs nails to an exquisite shine within seconds – enhancing their natural colour and promoting stronger growth.

Key Benefits

The Emery Buffer smooths the nail surface to remove any ridges and initial discolouration.

The Buffing Powder (in a small white container) has a secret formula that ensures a super high-gloss finish.

The Chamois Buffer encourages nail growth by stimulating circulation. Together with the Buffing Powder, it gives the nail a healthy pink colour and leaves it glossy and smooth.

The Hoofstick keeps cuticles looking well groomed.

The Leather Chamois cleans nails after buffing.

All the tools are packaged in a fabric bag that can slot into your handbag for perfectly polished, flawlessly glossy nails wherever you are.

NOTE: The components of the Nail Buffer Kit are not available separately as the contents are designed to be replaced all at the same time.

How To Use

First, exfoliate the nail and remove ridging with the emery buffer, which has been specifically designed to last for the correct amount of exfoliation. After the initial exfoliation, it is only necessary to use the Emery Buffer if a ridge grows out on the new nail or if buffing with the chamois buffer has been interrupted for a long period.

Next, buff the nail using the Chamois Buffer and Buffing Powder until a glossy shine and healthy pink colour is seen. Finally, wipe off excess powder using the chamois cloth.

More is not better. Buffing once a week is sufficient to produce beautiful, healthy strong nails. If you want to buff more often, use only the Chamois Buffer.

NOTE: Buffing can only be performed successfully on strong, healthy, nails. If you have weak, damaged and sensitive nails, first strengthen your nails by massaging them with the Matrix Oil as well as by taking the Sh’Zen Vitamin Pills.

Children should never be allowed to buff, as their nails are thin and soft.

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