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Sh'Zen Digestive Aid Massage Concentrate 50ml

Sh'Zen Digestive Aid Massage Concentrate 50ml

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Restore healthy digestive function with this powerful blend of 10 essential oils. Use it to massage your stomach and it will help to cleanse and regulate your digestive system and ease the discomfort of IBS.

Key Benefits

Cardamom effectively deals with colic, dyspepsia and gastric fermentations, and stimulates the bile production that diminishes bodily fats.

Parsley Seed encourages peristalsis and relieves bloating.

Grapefruit helps to digest fats.

Geranium balances the hormones.

Cypress and Juniper Berry relieve water retention.

Carrot Seed oil stimulates detoxification.

Fennel eases indigestion, colic and nausea.

Patchouli improves digestion.

Black Pepper expels toxins and wind, and restores tone to the colon muscles.

Active oils are blended in a base of nourishing and deep-penetrating Sweet Almond oil which soothes, conditions and feeds the skin.

How To Use

After a shower or bath, gently massage your abdomen in a clockwise direction using the Sh’Zen Skin Stimulator (skin should be dry but still warm at this stage). Then apply the oil to your hands and gently begin massaging it into your abdomen in a clockwise direction. Start on the lower right hand side and follow the ascending colon, move across the tummy above the navel and follow the transverse colon, then go down the left hand side following the descending colon. Repeat this slow rhythmic circling massage until all the oil is absorbed.

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