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Nu Skin

Nu Colour Eyebrow Brush N˚6

Nu Colour Eyebrow Brush N˚6

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Embrace your inner makeup artist with Nu Colour.

No makeup bag is complete without a brow brush. Designed together with Raphaël, this bevelled, flat-angled brush is perfect for carefully applying and blending powder and other eyebrow fillers.

Its angled tip and synthetic bristles bring easily define brow hair and accentuate your eyes for a gorgeous look you're sure to love.

Reasons to Love

An essential accessory for defining your eyebrows, accentuating your eyes and creating the perfect brow makeup, this bevelled brush is designed to carefully apply and blend powders, helping you bring your desired look to life.

Designed by Raphaël

Angled bristles


          How to Use

          STEP ONE
          Dip the brush into your preferred eyebrow filler and tap off any excess..

          STEP TWO
          Gently move the brush along your natural brow line.

          STEP THREE
          Blend in for a perfect finish.

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